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The CASASAPO Classifieds Service is for property owners that want to sell or rent properties, as well as for real estate professionals that only have a few properties on their portfolio and it is a very efficient advertising mean with a low investment cost.

The ads are of quality.

CASASAPO portal is the only one that enables you to export your classified to a network of portals, in a quick and easy manner, with just a click.

The leading Real Estate Portal

For 17 years now CASASAPO works relentlesslly to help you to close more deals.

No other portal offers the credibility and the confidence of CASASAPO, the leading real estate portal in Angola!

What do our clients say

It isn't free but it pays off the investment. I had several people really interested in a short period of time.

Daniel Sousa

I want to thank the Casa Sapo Classifieds team, because in a matter of a few days, I was able to close the deal I wanted to.

Isabel Lourenço

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3 Months

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+ 24.38 € 3 days