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What is is Angola's real estate portal. As it happens with , which embraced the project of implementing a Angola National Portal , CASASAPO brought to Angola the know-how that has been acquired from 6 years of experience , which has given it the position of the largest real estate portal in Portugal

CASASAPO, in Portugal, it is the biggest real estate portal in the country, it is an electronic marketplace of offers and search abilites for properties, with more than 400 thousand properties being advertised and with around 800 thousand visitors per month. benefits from all this technological know-how and it will be the National Real Estate Portal of Angola and help projecting the country worldwide. This will undoubtedly help to generate more business and bring added-value to the Real Estate sector in Angola.

How was born? was born in 2007 out of the partnership between JD, PT and the SAPO portal, becoming a real estate channel for the largest Internet Portal of Angola.

The idea of creating a Angolans real estate portal loomed naturally due to the huge real estate and touristical growth of this country which goes hand in hand with its accelerated development.

The high number of new and used properties being commercialized together with the ever increasing number of projected or already built development's, increased the need for modern and efficient real estate advertisement mechanisms that are able to suit the needs of both the real estate professionals and the general Angola society.

What does have to offer? was created to meet the needs of its users: professional as well as private users. is not only one of the most efficient means of selling and buying a house in Angola, but it also advertises worldwide the Angolans real estate offer, in terms of apartments, villas, offices, storage, holiday homes. Be it used, new, to sell or to rent, sub-let or exchange, apartment, villa or only a land plot, everything can be found on .

What can you find on contains information regarding the properties that real estate professionals or private users advertise to be seen by potential clients. It can be apartments, with different sizes, from apartments with 0 bedrooms up until ones with 6 bedrooms or larger, villas or detached houses, land plots, shops, offices, storage, buildings, luxury properties or even garages. You will be able to find Houses, Apartments, Warehouses, Storage or Studio. Older Houses, Wooden Cabins, Mountain House or a Rustic House. You can also find a Shopping Centre, a Hotel, or a Shop. A lot, a Residential lot, Industrial lot or a Building lot can also be found here. The houses can be detached house or Townhouse, Semi Detached House. If you are looking for a small palace or a palace, is the place where you should look for it. On you can find a land plot, Industrial land plot, Rustical land plot or an Urban land plot, the choice is yours.

These properties are offered under several business types: sale or to rent. However, you will also find proposals for Sub-letting, Holiday Rentals, sale/to rent, yielding of contratual position or yielding of shares. The properties can be new or used, in project or in construction, refurbished or to be refurbished. The users will also have access to the nett and gross areas, shown in square metres. The properties on display have photos, which is very important to help illustrating what is being sold as well as to evaluate what one wants to purchase. Beside the photos, drawings can be added and one can even georeference each property and locate them with surgical precision!

The properties being advertised also have a description as complete as possible regarding its features such as, for example, if it is near greenery areas, schools, supermarkets, public transport or pharmacies, if it is equipped with an exhaustor, air conditioning, natural gas or microwave, central heating, swimming pool, garden, in short, with all the useful information to make a decision regarding the purchasing or, at least, to request additional information or even a visit. The name of the property owner or of the real state agency identifies the property and one or more contact details is always given, either telephone or email address so one can contact and request further information regarding a specific property.

It is also possible to send the property details to a friend or print the informations. The is also the only real estate portal in Angola that allows the direct contact between buyers and sellers. This way, those who are looking for a property, when consulting your information on the portal, can immediately contact the seller or the estate agent, via telephone, mobile phone, email or by sending a further information request or a visit request, through the forms that can be found on the property's details sheet.